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Apply for Mentorship as a Mentee

Mentees, as you get drawn into the tunnel vision of today's competitive environment, your mentor is there to help you take a step back and examine your professional goals based on who you are. The nature of your relationship depends on the goals you set for the mentorship program.


As a mentee, there are some important factors you should consider before applying to our Mentorship Program:

Testimonial from our past Mentee:

Through my participation in KPWA’s Mentorship Program, I had the great opportunity to meet other female

professionals in various industries and gain valuable insights on their experiences. I enjoyed getting to know my mentor and learning about her career path, and I also gained insights about myself

along the way. Overall, my experience in the Program has been very positive, and I would recommend the program to others as it provides
an exciting new opportunity to learn."


-- Mentee, Junior Professional in

Financial Services industry

Visit our YouTube channel to view the full video.

Please note that there are two steps to apply for our Mentorship Program.

Step 1:

Step 2: 

Once you have completed your membership registration in Step 1, submit your Mentee Application here.

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