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Our Committees






KPWA's six Standing Committees represent the working forces at the heart of our organization. 


From event planning to leading workshops, providing mentoring programs leading change through civic action, our Committees have an integral role in achieving Our Vision. 

Learn more about each of the Committee's mandates and objectives below. 

If you are interested in being a part of a Committee, please contact us at



  • Civic Engagement: The goal of the Civic Engagement Committee is to enhance political and civic engagement among KPWA members, as well as the larger Korean-Canadian community. The Committee holds various events and programs to encourage voter participation and greater representation of Korean women in the public sector. 


  • Mentorship Committee: The Mentorship Committee designs and operates various mentorship programs and events to assist KPWA members in developing the necessary knowledge, skills and experience required for their professional development. Based on the needs of the members, the mentorship programs incorporate expertise sharing, career advice and best practice sessions.



  • Stewardship Committee: The purpose of the Social Committee is to develop and implement strategies to grow and retain members of KPWA. The Committee is also responsible for providing meaningful opportunities for networking by planning various social events throughout the year.The Committee works with the Board to address concerns and maintain member satisfaction.



  • Event Planning Committee: The Event Planning Committee oversees the planning and implementation of all KPWA events and programs. The Committee supports other KPWA committees in managing their events and is responsible for attendee satisfaction at all events. 


  • Communications Committee: The Communications Committee is responsible for developing internal and external communications strategies, initiatives and tactics on behalf of the Board. The Committee ensures that the content presented in all internal and external communications reflect the mission and values of KPWA.


  • Leadership Committee: The Leadership Committee organizes various seminars, networking sessions and workshops to help KPWA members develop business leadership skills. The Committee collaborates with the Board as well as external partners and industry leaders to identify opportunities and develop programs.

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