Mentorship Program


The KPWA Mentorship Committee supports professional development of KPWA members through knowledge, skills and experience sharing.  We are dedicated to investing in our members and helping them develop into leadership roles.  


Through our Mentorship Program, our members have access to top executive coaches and leaders in our community to provide the advice and skills they need to succeed.

Note: only KPWA Members are eligible for our exclusive Mentorship program. All mentees are subject to an application fee of $50.



University student

1 to 3 years of work experience

+4 years of work experience



2+ years of work experience

4+ years of work experience

5+ years of work experience


Mentor / Mentee Matching (Phase 1) 


Upon review of application forms and résumés, participants in the Mentorship Program are matched based on their shared educational background, similar work experience and common career goals or learning objectives.  


General categories are:









Mentorship Development Plan (Phase 2) 


During Phase 2: Objective Setting, Mentors and Mentees will complete their personal
Mentorship Development Plan (pdf) that will include following information:


  1. Identify their Area of Focus.

  2. Set up to 3 Goals/Objectives.

  3. Outline any other expectations.


More information on each of the three areas outlined above can be found here (pdf).


Apply for Mentorship

Through my participation in KPWA’s Mentorship Program, I had the great opportunity to meet other female

professionals in various industries and gain valuable insights on their experiences. I enjoyed getting to know my mentor and learning about her career path, and I also gained insights about myself

along the way. Overall, my experience in the Program has been very positive, and I would recommend the program to others as it provides
an exciting new opportunity to learn."


-- Mentee, Junior Professional in

Financial Services industry

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Interested in Our Mentorship Program? 


Mentees, as you get drawn into the tunnel vision of today's competitive environment, your mentor is there to help you take a step back and examine your professional goals based on who you are. The nature of your relationship depends on the goals you set for the mentorship program.


As a mentee, there are some important factors you should consider before applying to our Mentorship Program:

Application Process


Eligible KPWA members who are interested in applying for the Mentorship program are asked to complete an online application form (opens new window).

Become a Mentor


Growing up, many of us did not have the resources, mentorship or guidance to help us in our professional development and careers. As a mentor, you can give back to our community and empower your mentees in their professional landscape.

My original thought going into this program as a Mentor was that I would ‘give’ more than the ‘Mentee'.  However, I found the experience just as rewarding. The program gave me the opportunity to self-reflect as I opened up about previous experiences that resonated with the one I was

mentoring. I am always in awe of how much young professionals want to hear from seniors and I encourage other senior professionals to take part in this meaningful experience.”  


-- Mentor, Senior Professional in Consumer Products Sales & Marketing industry

We are seeking Mentors for our upcoming mentoring program, which is a six-month commitment.
Please submit the online application form (opens new window) and make a difference today! 


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mentor.

Your commitment will have a great impact on a young professional's life…and on yours!