Mentorship Program

The KPWA Mentorship Committee supports professional development of KPWA members through knowledge, skills and experience sharing.  We are dedicated to investing in our members and helping them develop into leadership roles.  


Through our Mentorship Program, our members have access to top executive coaches and leaders in our community to provide the advice and skills they need to succeed.


University student

1 to 3 years of work experience

+4 years of work experience



2+ years of work experience

4+ years of work experience

5+ years of work experience


Mentor / Mentee Matching (Phase 1) 


Upon review of application forms and résumés, participants in the Mentorship Program are matched based on their shared educational background, similar work experience and common career goals or learning objectives.  


General categories are:









Mentorship Development Plan (Phase 2) 


During Phase 2: Objective Setting, Mentors and Mentees will complete their personal
Mentorship Development Plan (pdf) that will include following information:


  1. Identify their Area of Focus.

  2. Set up to 3 Goals/Objectives.

  3. Outline any other expectations.


More information on each of the three areas outlined above can be found here (pdf).