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KPWA membership is a collaborative community rich in established and emerging leaders, driven to learn and lead. 


Our membership is open to anyone who shares in the Vision, Mission and Values of the organization, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity. 


Being a member of KPWA offers the following rewarding opportunities:


Culture of Learning


A vital part of KPWA’s Member calendar is the extensive educational and knowledge based workshops. Led by the Leadership Committee, these include lectures, round-table talks, and consultations on a variety of topics spanning from financial planning to entrepreneurship to the significance of branding yourself. 


Members receive discounted rates and/ or exclusive access to these
highly coveted seminars.

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Civic Empowerment


People’s voices are the foundation of democracy. However, many Canadians have stopped using their political voice. The percentage is even greater within the Korean-Canadian community and especially so amongst women. Through participation in a series of programs, the Civic Engagement Committee is partnering with various organizations to empower women to be politically and socially engaged.


Members are democratically engaged and supported through KPWA’s community-based, non-partisan group for their ideas to be heard, and to hear from other members of the community.


Mentorship Program


With a wide base of membership, the Mentorship Committee of KPWA has been able to pilot a comprehensive Mentorship program. Candidates for potential Mentors and Mentees are interviewed and paired based on an extensive matching program corresponding to industries and specific goals of the Mentees. The opportunity to coach and be coached is a rewarding experience for all.


Only KPWA Platinum and Committee Members are eligible to apply to our exclusive Mentorship program. 


Social & Industry Networking


KPWA provides innovative and wide-ranging occasions for social engagement and networking. Regular organization events often incorporate a mix-and mingle element designed to connect Members to one another. These include networking luncheons, dinners or cocktail hours. Regular attendees are from diverse professions and industries at a variety of administration and management levels.


The KPWA Executive Board also hosts Member exclusive events with prominent industry leaders, coaches and influencers, strictly geared towards networking and social interaction.



Sign up Today!


Signing up is quick, easy and affordable! Our annual membership is only $25! Check out all of our options and sign up as a member today!


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Note: All memberships are valid for one year. Memberships are personal and non-transferable. KPWA’s membership is open to anyone who shares in the Vision, Mission and Values of the organization, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity.

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