Our Team




As a non-profit organization, we rely on our many volunteers and supporters in achieving our vision and mandates.

Without their unwavering dedication and commitment, the successful launch and growth of this organization would
not be a reality.    


Meet our incredible team.


Board of Directors

Janet Oh

Keren Yun

Monica Hahm

Jess Min

June Choi

Frances Kim

Jane Yoo

Sophia Kim

Liz Hong

Chloe Lee


President & Chair of the Board; Member of the Executive Committee 

Vice President & Vice Chair of the Board; Member of the Executive Committee

Executive Director; Member of the Executive Committee

Senior Advisor; Member of the Executive Committee

Senior Advisor; Member of the Executive Committee

Chair of the Civic Engagement Committee

Chair of the Mentorship Committee

Co-Chair of the Member Engagement & Events Committee*

Vice Chair of the Leadership Committee*


*Appointed for the 2020 Fiscal Year.

Executive Management Team

Monica Hahm

Helen Moon

Ji-Hyun Kwon


Executive Director

Executive Operations Officer

Executive Financial Officer

Committee Advisors

Sally Han, Civic Engagement

Jean Kim, Mentorship

Ji Hyun Kwon, Mentorship

Brenda Lim, Stewardship

Helen Moon, Leadership

Linda Yoo, Events

Committee Leaders

Civic Engagement

Frances Kim, Chair

Sharon Choi, Vice Chair

Member Engagement & Events

Sophia Kim, Co-Chair



Liz Hong, Vice-Chair



Jane Yoo, Chair

June Lee, Vice Chair

Advisory Council

Young Kim Park   |   Corporate Director

June Choi   |   Sr. Principal Consultant at Oracle



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