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Our Vision


Our vision is to be the premier leadership organization that connects, engages, develops and celebrates women and men in all professions and industries.

Through mentorship and leadership programs, civic engagement and networking opportunities, we take a proactive role in advancing and empowering our members in their professional landscape. 





KPWA membership is a collaborative community rich in established and emerging leaders, driven to learn and lead.


As a member of KPWA, you will be able to participate in educational programs, seminars and events in support of both your professional and personal development. In addition, members are also eligible in joining our Mentorship program and have access to personal coaching opportunities.  


At KPWA, we recognize the importance of civic empowerment and giving back to the community. Members are democratically engaged and supported through our Civic Engagement initiatives and programs in order for our ideas to be heard, and to hear from other members of the community.


Your membership will also connect you to a network of professionals from diverse professions and industries at a variety of administration and management levels, whether you're just starting your first job or are a seasoned expert in your field. We offer wide-ranging and innovative occasions for both social engagement and networking.


Our Six Standing Committees

(and they're all pretty awesome)


Video Testimonial
Mentorship Program
Hear from one of our KPWA Mentees!

Betty shares her experience as a Mentee through our Mentorship Program!

문화장벽 뛰어 넘었더니 길 열려
Overcoming Culture Barriers Opens New Roads

The Korea Times, September 28, 2016


KPWA's Founding Member and Chair of the Mentorship Committee, Ji-Hyun Kwon, shares her experiences as KPWA kicks off the 2016
Connect & Inspire Mentorship Program.  

시야를 넓히면 살 길 보인다
Widen Your Vision to See the Way

The Korea Times, September 29, 2016

In an interview series with the Korea Times, KPWA's Vice President, Keren Yun, shares how to deal with adversity as her career path shifted at an early age. 


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