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Our Statement on Black Lives Matter

KPWA stands in solidarity with the Black community. All Black Lives Matter. 

We have witnessed horrific deaths, violence, and brutality against our Black brothers and sisters. We have seen the gross injustice and inequity that oppress Black communities everywhere. As people of colour, we must not remain silent. Silence is complicity in a racial caste system that fuels hatred and oppression against the Black community. We must become better allies and actively work to dismantle systemic racism and the institutions that uphold it.


KPWA was founded on the mission of “filling the gap” for womxn of colour, particularly those in the Korean community; however, we recognize and acknowledge that in order to tackle systemic racism head-on, we must first address anti-Blackness within our own community. We must also support Black communities through our work, for no community can truly thrive and be safe if the system demeans another. 


We hold ourselves accountable. Over the last month, we have started conversations around Black Lives Matter and systemic racism, and we will address these issues head-on with the following commitments and actions. By making them public, we encourage you to hold us accountable as well.⁣


  1. We believe that addressing racism starts with conversations at the local level. We will hold an internal forum with all of our committee members to open and facilitate dialogue on Black Lives Matter and systemic racism.

  2. We will create spaces for our KPWA membership base to address anti-Black sentiment and systems of oppression within the Korean Canadian community. We will cover topics ranging from how to talk to parents about anti-Blackness, as well as how racist notions such as the “model minority” myth and tokenism pit Asian communities against Black communities. 

  3. We will reach out to leaders and experts of anti-racism work in Toronto to help guide and shape our discussions on racism, intersectionality, and how we can strengthen our allyship to the Black community.

  4. We will actively seek out collaboration with other BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) communities through our programming in order to contribute to change in the fight against racism and injustice.


It is crucial to support, protect, and amplify the stories and experiences of Black Lives. We cannot hope to be true advocates of anti-racism for Asians if we do not extend the same advocacy to all minority groups. 


The fight against racism and systemic oppression is a movement, not a moment, and we are committed to doing the work.


- KPWA Board of Directors and Executive Committee


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