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Become a Mentor

Growing up, many of us did not have the resources, mentorship or guidance to help us in our professional development and careers. As a mentor, you can give back to our community and empower your mentees in their professional landscape.

My original thought going into this program as a Mentor was that I would ‘give’ more than the ‘Mentee'.  However, I found the experience just as rewarding. The program gave me the opportunity to self-reflect as I opened up about previous experiences that resonated with the one I was

mentoring. I am always in awe of how much young professionals want to hear from seniors and I encourage other senior professionals to take part in this meaningful experience.”  


-- Mentor, Senior Professional in Consumer Products Sales & Marketing industry

We are seeking Mentors for our upcoming mentoring program, which is a six-month commitment.
Please submit the online application form (opens new window) and make a difference today! 


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mentor.

Your commitment will have a great impact on a young professional's life…and on yours!

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